Monday 20th May 2024
12:07:03 PM

ABOUT US, (News wings that fly) is a center-staged medium, news channel platform encompassing regional, national, international, including sports, entertainment and social life exclusive coverage that closely follows daily developments to keep the information contemporary for the audience to take part and respond.

We are focusing on acquiring not only on latest news developing all across the globe, but also in bringing the best quality content that is fact-based and event-based. Our motive is to educate, inform, convey awareness and keep the flow of news much qualitative.

With this, we want our audience to connect, engage, interact, participate and contribute for better improvement of present ongoing affairs that can bring change.

Additionally, we contribute news from Telugu movie industry that is most reputed and well-known for affluent community in the country having some of the brightest and dynamic movie directors and producers.

As we know, the Telugu movie industry has a history of more than 100 years and currently has 2,809 screens in Andhra Pradesh and 294 screens in Telangana state.

With the medium of Technology, Kapotham stays ahead with Amazon Prime Video and NetFlix movies for audiences to access the most advanced features of cinema, music, political news and documentaries.

Kapotham stays and endures to trail as a trust-worthy resource, reliable and accurate in delivering state-wise political news that is completely unbiased and appears without favor.

The objective and mission of Kapotham is to bring forward an avalanche of day-to-day news and events taking place in and around the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to the notice of the audience, as the fourth estate for social influence and to empower the voice and opinion of the audience.

 In this process, ethics and morals are strongly rooted and we refrain from being affiliated to any sect, caste, religion or any other organization and strictly work in favor of audience interests.

Telugu audiences are de facto cognitive actively participating and making their contributions to films, political news and several other socio-economic issues happening on national and international level with the medium of supporting factuals while protecting their interests.

The management of (News wings that fly) can be reached at with your valuable feedback, recommendations, suggestions, comments, questions. We can also be followed on Twitter at @kapotham and our Facebook page can be accessed at kapothamnews.

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